Marketing Doesn't Work

I mean, obviously.

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Most business owners make marketing far too complicated.

So then they either:

  1. spend too much on their complicated strategy

  2. don't take action due to overwhelm

Both approaches put them on the sidelines.

Then they don't get noticed.

And because they can't get noticed, they don't get business.

Then they say, "marketing doesn't work."

So the cycle continues.

But the Simpleton and the Genius both have the same approach:

Be different to get noticed.

I've been the Simpleton.

I've been the Genius.

But when you go against the grain—when you're different—people notice you.

Taking the "middle road" in marketing is the fastest way to get ignored.

It doesn't matter how great your offer is.

Marketing the same way as everyone else is white noise.

The people you want to do business with simply won't see you.


Do Different,