The 3 Types of Entrepreneurs

There are 3 types of entrepreneurs I come across in our Accelerator:

1.) Does the work.

Does the work. Shows up to calls. Comments in the group. Launches experiments. Takes ownership of their success. Gets results.

2.) Half-heartedly does the work.

Occasionally does the work. Sometimes shows up on calls (either live or replay). Lurks in the group. Maybe launches an experiment. Half-hearted commitment to their own success. Gets half-baked results.

3.) Never does the work.

Never does the work. Doesn't show up to calls. Doesn't join the group. Never launches an experiment. Takes no ownership of their success. Gets no results.

All three have access to:

  • The same content

  • The same community

  • The same coaching

Yet, all three groups get vastly different results.

(And, thankfully, 99% of our members are in group #1.)

But this isn't specific to them.

It applies to all of us as entrepreneurs.

We get to choose how we show up to our businesses every single day. Are we gonna bring it even when we don't feel like it? Are we gonna half-ass it? Or are we gonna play the victim and shun ownership of our success?

My question to you: which type of entrepreneur do YOU want to be? 1, 2, or 3?

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